Planning a Vacation During a Pandemic + Tips for a Vacation Feel at Home

I thought I would share an easy and fun way of how we took our first socially distant trip during this time of preventing the spread of COVID-19. Along with the majority of Americans, we haven't been out much lately! We take our safety measures seriously and hope to share some tips on how to enjoy this summer while socially distancing. 

Last week, our family drove to Orlando where we rented a private cottage with my good friend who is also our oldest daughter's Godmother. She, along with her husband and son, takes an annual trip with us and wanted to find something that we were all especially comfortable with this year. They have been quarantining as well and were also negative for COVID-19. We were assured that Margaritaville Orlando Cottages is using safety measures to ensure that each cottage is cleaned and safe for their guests. 

We enjoyed our cottage's hot tub, the Margaritaville blender (adults only!), and eating in together courtesy of "take-out"  from local restaurants. We also enjoyed the amenities like the resort's pool area while maintaining a safe distance from other resort guests. 

If you are not comfortable leaving your home, some easy ideas that always make me feel a little like vacation are: 

- sitting in my backyard or front porch with a good book 

- making myself a frozen drink 

- playing some tropical music throughout our home or backyard. We like using the Pandora app on our televisions or phones to search for bands that use the steel drums for an extra island feel !

- diffusing some tropical scented essential oils for an extra calming mood 

- calling an old friend to catch up with while enjoying a walk around the neighborhood 

- cooking up a tropical meal 

- creating pretty arrangements for your home using your own yard's plants 

- pampering yourself by making a DIY face mask, body scrub, or taking a simple epsom salt bath that that will leave you feeling refreshed  


Have you planned a little trip with your loved ones recently or done anything to help you feel a little more like summer this year ? If so, I would love to hear about it! What are some safe ways that you are enjoying Summer 2020 ? 

- Christina